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Get the first stage of your MVP off the ground with confidence by using the SQUAD™ budgeted roadmap planning approach.

  • Advisement, brokerage, and management of objectives: Discovery, Research & Innovation, Solution Architecture, Prototyping, Wireframing, Initiative Roadmapping, Project Management, Business Analysis, Technical Design, UX & UI Design
  • Goal is to define or update a new or existing initiative roadmap, loosely planned by major or minor version iterations, by high-level feature-specific epics, targeting tentative estimations of epic delivery due dates
  • Time-boxed 3-6 week roadmap delivery, relative to a subsequent 3-4 month development stage; must be completed before, but not exceeding, 6 weeks (ideally 3-4 weeks, with a 2 week buffer)
  • Performed as-needed to refresh the roadmap, typically 2-3 times per year as development stages (versions) are completed
  • Required to scope agile development stage versions, critical to the ability of offering guaranteed product delivery and predictability of development time and cost
  • Can be performed simultaneously along with active development and support stages
  • Standard recommended team: ⅓ project manager, ⅓ tech lead, ⅓ designer, ⅓ business analyst
  • Operations: Daily 30-40 minute stakeholder SQUAD™ management sessions
  • Recommended tracking tools: JIRA, Gitlab, Excel

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