Target Delivery

We broker and budget up to 4 months of guaranteed software development services as the second SQUAD™ lifecycle stage.

  • Advisement, brokerage, and management of objectives: Includes limited Planning objectives, UX Development, API Programming, Database Management, Offline Operation, Cloud Networking, Service Orchestration, Enterprise Authentication, User Access Control, Third-Party Integration, Testing & Automation
  • Each software version’s deliverable timeframe should be kept brief for more manageable and predictable outcomes, in the form of 3-4 month stages against an already planned version roadmap
  • Short iterations allow for better budget forecasting and the warranty of each version’s deliverables
  • Single baseline recommended team: 2 junior resources, 1 senior tech lead, ½ (split) project manager, designer, and business analyst
  • Can have multiple teams per development stage for more aggressive timelines
  • Operations: Daily 30-40 minute stakeholder SQUAD™ management sessions, Extreme Programming (agile), continuous delivery, weekly sprint kick-off and retrospective team meetings
  • Recommended tracking tools: JIRA, Gitlab, Excel
  • Recommended technology stack: Vue.js, Hasura GraphQL, Postgres DB, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Node.js, Python, Django, Git; embedded systems, Javascript, Golang, Digital Ocean
Get the tech outta here!
Get the tech outta here!

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